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How to Enhance the Beauty and Safety of Your Home with Outdoor Lighting

How to Enhance the Beauty and Safety of Your Home with Outdoor Lighting

June 1, 2018

The right outdoor lighting will enhance the elegance and charm of your home, giving you an instant sense of pride. The No. 1 reason to invest in outdoor lighting is the impact these systems offer your home’s look at night. They also increase the available time that you and your family can spend outdoors. Here are a few tips for your outdoor lighting needs:

Front-entrance lighting
A well-lit front entrance says, “Welcome.” It enables you to greet guests and identify visitors. Be sure that your light output correctly corresponds to your front-entrance environment. If it’s too dim, guests may stumble; if it’s too bright, guests will be blinded. Outdoor wall lights on each side of the front door will give your home a warm look, while also ensuring the safety of those who enter. Also, consider adding a lighted address fixture; you’ll never be without a comforting light to greet you.
Pro tip: Select a pocket-light design, which casts a warm glow on stone and other unique building materials.

Paths and driveways
Ensure safe and easy movement after dark by illuminating the yard, driveway and walking areas with post-mounted lanterns. They add security and safety, as well as beauty and value, to your home.
Pro tip: Open-bottom designs make for easy access when cleaning and changing bulbs.

Accent and flood lighting
Create a dramatic effect by up-lighting trees with well lights recessed in the ground. Use flood and accent lights to illuminate the walls of your home or create silhouettes of unique topiaries.
Pro tip: Cast aluminum resists sun-induced corrosion, fading, chipping and peeling.


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