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Happy Earth Day! Highlighting Our Commitment to Eco-Friendly Homes

Happy Earth Day! Highlighting Our Commitment to Eco-Friendly Homes

April 22, 2024

Earth Day is a time to reflect upon how best to safeguard our planet for future generations to come. 

At Benchmark Builders, we believe in crafting homes with both aesthetics and sustainability in mind, and we've implemented several measures and materials to meet this goal.

Plus, not only do our homes contribute to a healthier environment, but they'll save you, the homebuyer, a lot of money in energy costs.

Here's some examples of how we've committed to building for the future:

— Advanced insulation technology to ensure optimal performance and keep other energy systems in check.

— 2x6 walls, which provide more space for insulation in order to reduce heat loss during winters and heat gain during summers.*

— Raised heel trusses, which extend insulation to the outside edge of the roof and over the top of exterior walls, ensuring maximum insulation coverage.*

— Full wall basement or crawl space insulation blankets to keep the cold in the ground and not in the home.

— High-efficiency windows, which keep the cold out during winters and the reflective heat out during summers, resulting in lower energy consumption.

— Insulated hot water pipes to reduce energy usage and lower heating bills.

— Sealed ventilation ducts to ensure minimal leakage of heat and air conditioning, improving energy efficiency.

— Advanced home sealing and draft stopping to keep the outside air outside, increasing energy efficiency.

— High-efficiency heating and air conditioning systems, which minimize energy usage resulting in lower energy bills.

Together, we can create your dream home while prioritizing the health of our planet. Discover the Benchmark difference today - give us a call or reach out via email to get started!

*Features available on most Benchmark Homes. See sales manager for further details.